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Special Events

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Fanny Crosby Vespers are held annually in the Old Southeast Church. Fanny Crosby's life and music are celebrated every year in the church which she attended as a child. It is usually celebrated in September or October on a Sunday afternoon. The service consists of playing and singing of a few of her many hymns and a portrayal, and/or a talk about this remarkable woman. Refreshments are served afterward. There is no charge, but there is a free-will offering during the service.


New Years bell ringing in the Old Southeast Church


Tree Lighting at Christmas Time


Founders Day - To celebrate Walter Brewster's birthday, WBH always has a birthday cake and tea available to anyone who would like to join us in the afternoon. The house is open that day in conjunction with Founder's Day which is celebrated on main street in the village of Brewster. The street is closed to traffic and there are vendors, music, and demonstrations going on all day.